Past, Present and Future

Clacosi Clima was founded before the world financial crisis, within a favorable economic context, in 2005, when the level of investments was high and represented the main topic of all political and management discussions and conferences.

Being aware of all social comfort needs, Clacosi developed a wide range of services in the HVAC and Facility Management field.

The will, entrepreneurial skills, determination and the professionalism of a great team have been the basic elements for the foundation and growth of our company.

Our mission is to provide great services at convenient prices, facts that contributed a great deal to building trust and consolidating our position in the Facility Management and HVAC industry.

We met our targets but we will not stop here. Our way to becoming a leader in our field is not easy, but it is a challenge that we love and that makes us more ambitious. We also know that only using qualitative strategies of long-life development, we can fulfill our mission and achieve our aims.

We thank our customers, partners, producers and dealers for their support!