Clacosi Grup was founded before the beginning of the world financial crisis, within a favorable economic context of the year 2005, when the level of investments was high and meant to be the main topic of all political and management discussions and conferences.

Being aware of the comfort needs, Clacosi developed a wide range of services related to the air conditioning and facility management industry.

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Facility Management

Facility Management is a service dedicated to efficient maintenance of large commercial and institutional buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, event and conference halls etc.


• Multi Technical maintenance

  1. – HVAC;
  2. – electrical installations;
  3. – sanitary-engineering installations;
  4. – indoor and outdoor illumination;
  5. – security and survailance systems;
  6. – smoke detection and Sprinklers;
  7. – automatic doors.

 Landscaping and interior design


Products and services:

• HVAC technical consultancy
we developed this service, wanting to help our clients choose the HVAC equipments that best suit their comfort needs and, at the same time, offering them the best value for money.

• Selling, installing and servicing the HVAC equipments

  1. – Heating systems;
  2. – Ventilation and air conditioning systems;
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