Clacosi Clima began its activity in 2005, a period of great economical growth. We always strive to offer good quality services at any cost, managing to build customer trust and consolidating our position in the HVAC industry.

Our clients:

  • Industry: wood processing halls, food processing plants, en-gross warehouses, auto dye works, wine laboratories, repair shops and auto services, power tools factories.
  • Services: medical (clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories), server rooms, touristic (hotels, motels, hostels), socio-cultural (cinema rooms, theaters, conference rooms, TV and radio studios, event halls, spa centers), restaurants.
  • Commercial: super and hyper-markets, banks, large commercial buildings, office buildings, large public buildings, libraries, gas stations.
  • Residential: flats, villas, apartments and pools.


HVAC products and services:

  • HVAC technical consultancyWe developed this service, wanting to help our clients choose the HVAC equipments that best suit their comfort needs and, at the same time, offering them the best value for money.
  • Selling, installing and servicing the HVAC equipmentsTypes of equipments we sell and service:
      • Heating systems:
        • gas furnaces;
        • oil furnaces;
        • wall furnaces
        • woods/ pellets / coal furnaces;
        • heating pumps;
        • classic heating systems with radiators;
        • condensing boilers.
    • Ventilation and air conditioning systems:
      • Modular air treatment units with or without energy recovery
      • Roof Top Air treatment stations with or without temperature and humidity control, or gas functioning;
      • Chillers or split coolers with air/ water or in the heat pump
      • Ventilo-convectors for the apparent fitting or in the ceiling
      • Fans for domestic and industrial use
      • Air conditioning cupboards for server rooms
      • Forced Convection air heaters with warm water or electrical resistance
      • Curtains of warm air
      • Curtains for refrigerating spaces
      • Stations for producing cooled water
      • Cooling systems and packaged refrigerating or split for applications in the field of positive cold (0-4 °C) or negative (-25 °C)

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